Will there be pace groups?
Our goal is to have them.  We are presently placing volunteers as pace group leaders.  If you are interested in pacing, please write to us at rob@greenway2020run.com. 

Is there hydration on the course?
Yes, our goal is to have hydration every 2.5 miles along the route.  Only water is provided.

Are there restrooms along the route?
Yes.  There are restrooms in four positions along the route.
1.  Ferraro Soccer Field
2.  Marsh Park, near Frog Town (available to half-marathon only)
3.  Atwater Park
4.  Golden Road Brewing
* There are no portable toilets on the course, only permanent park facilities.

Do I get a medal?
Yes.  And a tee shirt.

Do I get a beer?
Yes.  It's included at the post-race party.

Will there be food?
Yes, food is provided but charged at prevailing prices at the pub.

How do I get a photo of me running or finishing?
We will have photographers posted at the starting line, the finish line, and one or two on the course.  All photos are free and will be posted online within 72-hours of the race.

How do I know if I'm ready to run the Half?
Most people will tell you to train.  They're right.  You should have about 8-solid weeks of training behind you when you line up at the starting line.  Now, training helps most when you're shooting for a specific finish time, which most of us do.  If you haven't trained, we really don't see how anyone can achieve their best time.  Some runners just go out and have fun b/c they love the energy of a race, or the beer at the end.  Whatever your motivation is, you're in good company here b/c the demographic here is a mix of a-types, journeyman, and everything in between.  The best consensus from us, and not scientific at all, is that if you can run 8-miles at 8-min pace or under, you're going to finish 13.1-miles in under 2-and-1/2 hours.  That calculation gives you time to slow your pace if you need to, or stop altogether and gather yourself (whatever that means).  Can we be honest though?  Although a half-marathon is a huge milestone in your repertoire, you're really just gearing up for the life-changing marathon distance.  So, if you're not sure you're ready, treat a half as a training run and you're going to be just fine.

Are there hills?
No.  There is some net gain overall but nothing terribly noticeable.